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Planning Your Movie Star Bar Mitzvah or Movie Star Bat Mitzvah.


Turn your child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah into a red carpet Hollywood event! It all starts with a little buzz. So customize these Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Save the Date or Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Save the Date postcards and get the word out. And now that they have top billing…let’s get started on the rest of the premiere!

Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Save the Date postcard

Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Save the Date postcard

Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Save the Date Postcard

Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Save the Date Postcard



>What movie premiere is complete without popcorn and candy…or even nachos and pretzels? Heck, you may even be able to forgo the kids’ meal and get by with just these treats! A google search with “party rental, concessions and (your city)” should turn up plenty of results. And then you can have a real popcorn machine popping movie theater style popcorn, gooey goodness drizzling down onto tortilla chips from your nacho cheese dispenser, hot pretzels gently rotating behind glass…even a slushy machine. This company is in Illinois, but their offerings should give you an idea of what’s available nationwide. Prices start at $55 per machine and include the food.

>You can keep the concession theme going with a trip to your local superstore for boxes of movie candy. Stack them on a shelf at the party or display them in big popcorn tubs. Make sure you don’t forget classics: Snow Caps, Gummy Bears and Milk Duds. Mmmmm.

>Speaking of big popcorn tubs, the smaller box versions are great to have on hand for gift bags to keep the theme alive. You may be able to buy them from the party rental store…or many wholesale restaurant supply stores carry them as well. And you can “brand” them with your Movie Star theme with these Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Stickers / Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Stickers.

book alternatives

>Create your own “Grauman’s Chinese Theater Handprints” for your son or daughter. Get a package of 8.5 x 11 cardstock from your local office supply store, a variety of crayons or pencils (no markers, as they will get your guests’ hands dirty) and stickers and encourage guests to outline their hand, sign their name and even write a good wish. Afterwards, you can have them all bound together in a nice keepsake at local copy shop.

Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Poster>You can also buy one of the larger versions of the Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Poster or Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Poster. They already have some “reviews” on there and you can encourage your guests to write in more. It’s a great piece to hang in your son’s or daughter’s room for years to come and can even be framed.



>Complement the Bar Mitzvah Movie Star or Bat Mitzvah Movie Star theme with DVD giveaways – either for prizes, parting gifts or as part of the gift bags. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. You can bid or use “buy it now” for “DVD lots” on eBay and usually get a DVD for two bucks each. Check out a sample of the titles or themes first, as DVD lots can vary from new releases to comedies to the classics. Start your search by clicking in “Categories”: DVDs & Movies > Wholesale Lots > (amount of DVDs you’re interested in) and be sure to click “new” under the condition. Or…just click here for a shortcut.

>If you decide to have games or dance contests, you can also order various trophies online for the winners to honor their achievements! We found a few sites that even had ones that look a little like an Oscar® for under $10. Search around.

Guest welcome bags

>Some parents put together a small welcome bag for their out of town guests’ arrival – like a few bottles of water, granola bars and some gum. And you can add a sheet with the events and pertinent info for the weekend – label it your “Showtimes” and give them the what/when and where. We have some themed stationery for both Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs…or simply use your own printer paper and a fun font.

>The popcorn tubs we mentioned previously would work great as a container for all of the welcome goodies and information…or simply a small shopping bag. Again, you can “brand” them with your Movie Star theme with these Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Stickers / Bat Mitzvah Movie Star Stickers.


>This is a red carpet event, right? Many rental businesses offer red carpet runners. It’s a great way to have your Bar Mitzvah Movie Star or Bat Mitzvah Movie Star make an entrance to the applause and flashbulbs of friends and family. Search “red carpet runner rental and (your city)”. They run around $40 – give or take.

>Director’s clapboards are also a great addition to any table and can even serve as the table number table card. They start at a few dollars each and you can begin your search online with “Director’s Clapboard”.

>Can I have your autograph? Adorn the tables with headshots of your star. Grab your favorite photo and get a bunch of 8x10s made. (Online photo printing business like Snapfish or Shutterfly will have low prices). Then have your star put his/her signature on the piece. These can also be the table card…along with his/her signature, have your son/daughter write in the table number, too.

>Stars are always showing up in the weekly gossip magazines…and you can give your daughter the cover of B Mitzvah Weekly Magazine – customize the headlines and hang the poster at the event.


>Some parents choose to do a montage of photos of their son or daughter, which is always a lot of fun for the guests and hopefully, a source of mild embarrassment for your child – depending if you went with the baby in the bath photo or the toddler on the toilet photo. Bring it into the Movie Star theme with your home computer editing software….making it a “Before They Were Stars” video, featuring your son or daughter. You could even follow it with a critic’s “At the Movies” video of yourselves (grab your video camera) and “review” the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Of course…we recommend you give him or her two thumbs up.

>Make it an evening of movie soundtracks. You can gather your own or encourage your guests to bring their favorite movie soundtrack CDs, iPod mixes, etc. or even ask everyone to send you their favorite movie soundtrack song in advance and make one big mix.

>You can also get the Movie Star theme going with a little comedy. Look into hiring an improv comedy troupe to stage a brief show. They’re great at getting the audience in on the act and will certainly make your son or daughter a featured player. Search for “improv and (your city)”and see if they have a section for corporate or customized shows…or simply give them a call. Prices will vary greatly, depending on your location and their experience.

Got more ideas? Let us know what they are!